Joel Vardy

I'm a Web Developer looking for freelance / contract work in the UK.


My skills are listed below, if you'd like some context please take a look at some of the projects and work I have been involved with.


  • Several years usage and good understanding of object oriented PHP5.
  • Working knowledge of several frameworks:
    • Laravel versions 3, 4, & 5
    • Lumen by Laravel
    • CodeIgniter version 2
    • Slim version 2
    • Flight an extensible micro-framework for PHP
  • Happy to bring in external libraries and write PSR compliant code for easy autoloading, with Composer.
  • Enjoy writing efficient code, and utilising caching mechanisms where possible.
  • Commercial experience writing object oriented JavaScript.

Web Technologies

  • I write semantic markup and have a good understanding of HTML5 elements.
  • I believe in progressive enhancement, using CSS3 where possible.
  • Experience of developing responsive designs.
  • A good knowledge of jQuery - although I know when and how to use vanilla JavaScript.
  • Experience using AngularJS, ES6 modules / classes, Ractive.
  • Development of Cordova (and PhoneGap) mobile applications.

Server Administration

  • Linux server setup, specifically Debian / Ubuntu, also usage of CentOS 5.
  • Knowledge of installation and configuration of; PHP, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Memcached, and NodeJS.
  • Some knowledge of; Varnish, and MongoDB. Comfortable testing new software.

Version Control

  • On my personal projects I use Git, my open source work can be found on my GitHub profile.
  • I also have commercial use of Subversion, Perforce, and Mercurial.

Joel Vardy

I enjoy building websites; front end, back end, mobile apps, and APIs. So much so that I continue doing it in my free time. But sometimes I do leave the house / office / coffee shop, and when I do I get up to:

  • Skiing or snowboarding, both I've been doing for years.
  • Getting muddy mountain biking, I'm just on the doorstep of the Peak District.
  • I've got a passion for photography, so I'll often have a camera in my bag.

As well as writing more technical posts here, I decided to start writing about my travels on a recent trip to Iceland.

Contact Me

The quickest way to get in touch with me initially is either email or Twitter.

Want to send me something securely? Here is my public PGP key.